Starting off from Europe's most important junction

Connecting East and West in Logistics

The Frankfurt (Oder) Intermodal Terminal, storage lanes and the rail logistics centre are all connected to the public railway network of DB Netz AG via the Frankfurt (Oder) passenger railway station. The City of Frankfurt (Oder) has an infrastructure connection agreement with DB Netz AG. As a public railway infrastructure company, the City is responsible for managing (maintenance, repair) the track installations and for ensuring safe and correction operations.

Rail distances from Frankfurt (Oder)

  • Hamburg → 380 km
  • Bremerhaven → 486 km
  • Rotterdam → 836 km
  • Warsaw → 490 km
  • Sławków → 456 km

Access to the railway infrastructure

  • The operating border between the railway infrastructure companies DB Netz AG and the City of Frankfurt (Oder) is located in front of switch W 105. From there, the public electrified railway network of DB Netz AG can be reached via track 113. Tracks 101 and 102 can be used to enter the Intermodal Terminal.
  • Only marshalling runs with standard and auxiliary vehicles authorised pursuant to the Rail Regulation [Eisenbahnbetriebsordnung]/Trans-European Railway Interoperability Regulation take place in the City of Frankfurt (Oder) Rail Infrastructure Company [Eisenbahninfrastrukturunternehmen].
  • The tracks are accessible with diesel transaction. Regional providers with suitable diesel locomotives are available
  • The City charges a usage fee of railway transport companies for using the railway facilities.
  • “Discrimination-free access” to the track systems is granted.
  • The conditions of access and use of the railway infrastructure are set forth in the terms of use for service facilities for the railway facility of the Frankfurt (Oder) Intermodal Terminal. They can be found here.
  • The set of operating regulations for operating on the railway infrastructure of the City of Frankfurt (Oder) can be requested if needed via e-mail.
  • Observance of the provisions of the collection of operating regulations forms an integral part of any legally concluded use agreement for the provision of rail transport services by approved rail transport operators on the railway infrastructure of the City of Frankfurt (Oder).