Frankfurter Tor

Your gateway to the growth

The subsite Frankfurter Tor consists of the two industrial parks Nord-Ost (North-East) and Süd (South) with immediately available industrial and commercial areas for the establishment of your company. On the interfac of the motorway A12 (E30) and thev federal route B 112 N the Frankfurter Tor serves as connective link between Rotterdam and Moscow as well as on the North-to-South axis between Szczecin and Prague.

Only a few minutes away from the CT-Terminal, Frankfurter Tor offers an ideal site for your logistics services. You can profit from synergies arising from the use or rent of the roof areas for the utilization of solar modules.


Technical infrastructure on site

existing gas, power and water supply
district heating possible
internet / broadband connection
Access to railway 4 km (CT Terminal)