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Great challenges

Great opportunities

In April of 2005, the Intermodal Terminal with transport to the German seaports was put into operation. The continuously rising demand for rail-related services also resulted in an increase in container handling since the end of 2006. This positive trend continued thanks to the establishment of production companies in East Brandenburg and the special economic zones of Western Poland.

The Intermodal Terminal in facts and figures

  • rail service centre code: 717728
  • operating permit: 05.12.2002
  • increase in annual container handling between 2005 and 2010 between 60% – 90 %

Existing infrastructure

  • transhipment tracks: 2x block train lengths
  • transhipment area: 600 m long and 40 m wide
  • transhipment equipment: mobile cranes (lifting capacity 37 – 40 t)
  • storage capacity: 600 TEU
  • handling rate: 400 LE/d
  • enclosed area

Planned expansion with crane rail

  • Due to the increasing demand, the infrastructure is being expanded
  • 1st expansion phase:
    • block-train length crane rail with a gantry crane over three transhipment tracks
    • 2 additional block-train length transhipment tracks
    • extension of the transhipment area (loading and transport lanes)
    • start of operations slated for 2014

You’ll find the terms of use for service facilities here.