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vision: Expansion of the Frankfurt (Oder) Intermodal Terminal in 2014:


The Intermodal Terminal is a subsite of the Frankfurt (Oder) Freight Village which is based on the concept of decentralised planning. Road and rail transport modalities are linked together at two subsites. Fully developed industrial and commercial facilities are available for road-based logistics right off the A12/E30 federal motorway. Rail-based logistics is set up at the location's Intermodal Terminal. As a hub for seaport hinterland traffic, the terminal offers access to Europe's main seaports.

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The City is developing and shaping the Frankfurt (Oder) rail transport centre with a view to the future. This includes, in addition to the ongoing development of areas for rail-based logistics and the establishment of modern transport facilities and services, the installation of a crane rail at the terminal in order to support customers even more efficiently in the future.