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In addition to the Intermodal Terminal with its 2 block-train length transhipment tracks, the Frankfurt (Oder) Rail Transport Centre also features additional block-train length storage lanes. These can be reserved as buffer tracks for Intermodal Terminal customers and cross-border freight customers. Rental is possible by the day, week, month or year. The fees are based on the facility pricing system as amended and can be consulted here.

Rail Transport Centre Railway sidings

  • connection via Frankfurt (Oder)
  • approx. 900 m from the DB rail network
  • accessible using diesel traction
  • one and two-sided connection

Length of the Railway sidings for rent

  • track 103 – effective length: 730 m – two-sided connection
  • track 104 – effective length: 620 m – one-sided connection
  • track 105 – effective length: 620 m – one-sided connection
  • track 106 – effective length: 750 m – one-sided connection

The current facility pricing system is available for download here.