Rail transport centre Frankfurt (Oder)

Quick rail transport to any destination

Establishing the freight village Frankfurt (Oder) the city built the terminal for combined traffic (CT) on the ground of the former shunting yard. Operating was started on 6 April 2005. Additional railway sidings are available for rent next to the CT terminal. To establish further value added services on site a rail-based logistics centre will be developed directly to the North of the CT terminal.


The expansion of the rail transport centre serves the following purposes

  • strengthening the Frankfurt (Oder)/Eisenhüttenstadt regional growth centre, in particular in the industrial expertise field, 'logistics'
  • creation of new jobs
  • ensuring efficient logistics for regional producers and logistics firms
  • efficient procurement and distribution for optimisation of the transport chain of international companies
  • Green Logistics:
    • decreasing lorry traffic in long-distance transport by shifting from road freight transport to rail transport
    • decreasing CO2 emission during transport

Potential catchment areas of the rail transport centre

  • classic catchment area – customers with outbound/inbound shipments by road transport in a 150 km radius, in particular East Brandenburg and Western Poland
  • expanded catchment area 1 – clustering function of the rail transport centre in cross-border traffic (rail – rail) for Polish business locations
  • expanded catchment area 2 – clustering function of the rail transport centre from/to Eastern Europe in in pre-carriage/on-carriage